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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Majority Leader - CA, Queen of Diamonds)

"Since September 11, many Muslim Americans have been subjected to searches at airports and other locations based upon their religion and national origin. We must make [that] illegal."

**Nancy and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee must have went to the same diversity school........Among other schooling, including KVCh training (The Soviet Cultural-Education Department: Kulturno-Vospitatelnaya Chast.

Both seem willing to hang America with the noose of its own stupidity. Stupidity based on the absolute rights of each individual (though this doesn't extend to areas they disagree with, in reality) over the basic need to protect the nation as a whole.

Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson put it best: "The Constitution is not a suicide pact."**


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