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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Wesley Clark (A 'General' Putz)

"How can you talk about bombing a country [Iran] when you won’t even talk to them? It’s outrageous. We’re the United States of America; we don’t do that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the military option is off the table, but diplomacy is not what Jim Baker says it is. It’s not, ‘What will it take for you boys to support us on Iraq?’ It’s sitting down for a couple of days and talking about our families and our hopes, and building relationships.”

**I'm sure Mahmoud and the Mullahs would make great dinner guests.....They are surely interested in our "families and our hopes." Maybe they'd only threaten to destroy the U.S. a couple of times, and might just threaten Isreal a dozen or so times.

You know what, after reading Weasley's statement, maybe we should trust the Iranians, and talk nice to them.........Ouch!! I swear I pull a groin every time I pretend to be a Libby.**


  • At 2:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'd say the muscule you pulled was considerably farther North.

  • At 8:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    It was diplomacy that ended the Cold War and prevented all out war with the Russians. It was diplomacy that ended the war in the Balkans. It's diplomacy that would end the war in Iraq and head off a war in Iran.

    An army fights a war, but the war doesn't end when we've killed or captured their last soldier. It ends when the diplomats and politicians hammer out an agreement.

    Sure, we can bomb. But it's only effective if we sit down and tell them what we want and threaten to bomb some more if they don't do it. That's diplomacy.

    The Iranians don't want a war any more than we do. We've got them scared. They're acting like a cornered rabbit. We could cool them out if we sat down and talked to them.

  • At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    After noting where your little mind must be focussed now, Poison Pero, I'm definitely not talking nice to you. :)

  • At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Ron Esquerra said…

    Next time you get drunk and feel like acting stupid, keep it off the internet will ya?

    Wesley Clark is a national treasure and happens to be correct about the need for real diplomacy. He's done it. He's also been on the other side of the equation and nearly given his life in combat. The man has forgotten more about fighting and winning wars than you will ever know.

    I'm sure in your little world the answer is to just run over and nuke all those ignorant arabs that are trying to kill us. With an atiitude like that it's no wonder they want to attack us. Here is an idea for you, go take a class in international relations at UCLA, When Wesley Clark lectures there I promise you that you will learn something. On the other hand, you could wait till after the lecture and give him your learned "Opinion" as you have expressed here...I know he would handle you with far more class and decency then I am cappable of at this moment.

    Thanks for wasting my time having to respond to you, jackass.

  • At 11:18 AM, Anonymous PC_Bucs said…

    Anonymous.....lets compare apples with apples. Show me how many places wars against radical Islamofascists have been stopped by diplomacy. Is it even possible to have diplomacy with irrational adherants to a religion that will not be satisfied by anything short of the death or conversion of everyone on Earth?? A religion in which it is both an honor and privalege to DIE for the cause and take as many infidels with you as possible....IS there peace ANYWHERE Islam holds sway amid non-muslim neighbors?? How do you negotiate with someone whose GOAL is to die while killing you AND your family AND your friends AND your neighbors....wake up and yank your head out of your ass....

  • At 3:39 PM, Anonymous VietVet said…

    So you think bombing is the answer?

    The majority of Iranians are not pleased with their president. Most are not terrorists or extremists. Most are young people looking for a safe and productive life for themselves and their families. If we cease our threats, they may well choose a more moderate leader.

    In any case, bombing Iran would have devastating consequences for our troops in Iraq as well as for all of us here in America. We would make even more enemies. Besides the risk of reprisal, the supplies of ME oil will be significantly disrupted and result in economic collapse or hardship everywhere oil is used.

    We do need to find alternative sources of energy - and the sooner the better. But we can't afford a precipitous upheaval in the supply in the near future.

  • At 5:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Diplomacy ended the cold war???
    Wow, how stupid am I?
    I always thought it was the fact that the people over there realized how much their gov't sucked and how much money was being drained from their economy in order to keep up.
    I guess that could be called "diplomacy."
    BTW, what exactly was Mahmoud's answer to UN "diplomacy?"

  • At 6:49 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said…

    I'm sure diplomacy ended WWII as well.

    I will admit it ended WWI, but such idiotic diplomacy was nothing short of the reason why WWII occured.

    But I do agree we can't end the war until we have ended the fighting and then found a diplomatic way to stop it......The biggest mistake we made in Iraq was stopping the fighting. We were too concerened with how many we were going to kill.

    As far as Weasley (spelling intentional) being a "national treasure" goes, that's about as big of a stretch as I've seen in a long time......But lets go into the battle he led.

    How did diplomacy work in the Balkans? Last I checked we bombed the hell out of Serbia, and intentionally destroyed almost every bridge along the Danume.......And if I recall right, we still are in the Balkans and did little more than give the Islamists a Southeast European staging ground.

    But back to Weasley. Even our Euro allies thought he was a jackass, because of the way he almost scared the Ruskies into joining the battle AGAINST US.

    I was in the Air Force during this timeframe, and can tell you every officer I knew thought he was way over his head, and little more than a Clinton appointee who passed by many better commanders.


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