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Thursday, February 15, 2007

George C'Looney' (Hollywood Idiot, 4 of Hearts)

“We have no moral high ground...[Growing up] I was taught to look at the United States not from the inside out but from the outside in. The signs you see are very disheartening. It is probably the worst time ever for us internationally. When you go to Europe, for the most part, they just hate us. Not individually, but they think we are just like these big bullies - and quite honestly,we have acted like that.”

**Maybe he should move.......I bet they'd love a loudmouth like George in one of the Crapistans.

And screw Europe. They've always hated us, and if weren't for America they'd all be German slaves or dead........Which is one more reason why they hate us; because they are ashamed of having to have their sorry asses saved over and over.**


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