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Saturday, February 24, 2007

She Town Bargains (e-Bay Store)

"This is a great looking pendant!! This is a brand new pewter Transgender Symbol Pendant"...."These are HOT, so grab yourself a few today and wear it with pride!"

**I don't make this shit up, but it gave me a great laugh to see this item show up after doing a search for "dog tags" on e-Bay.

I didn't even know there was a tranny symbol, but I should have known better.......Check out this link to see what the symbol is (a triangle, with a circle in the middle, with a male and female sign protruding from the circle along with a cross.) Very nice; a he-she with a cross to piss off Christians.

I guess I should just be glad I didn't find any other GLBTTBNP'er symbols.......That said, I did see a few with animals on them. Maybe these were more symbolic than I thought.**


  • At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Henry said…

    I like the part about the cord being adjustable.

    I think I'll use it as a choker...


  • At 12:26 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said…

    Careful, Henry......You may get taken up for a little auto-erotica by one of these sickos:)


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