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Thursday, March 08, 2007

'Huffington Post' Commenters

"Jesus Christ and General Jackson too, can't the Taliban do anything right? They must know we would be so gratefull (sic) to them for such a remarkable achievment." - hankster2

"Hey, Thalia, lighten up. I for one don't wish Cheny (sic) had been killed. I wish he had been horribly maimed and had to spend the rest of his life hooked to a respirator. Feel better now?" - raisarooney

- Comments made at the Huffington Post after the Taliban's unsuccessful attempt on Vice President Cheney's life.

**There's so much I could say about these shitheads, but I'm going to leave my comment to another blogger who commented at the site:

"The posts advocating for Cheney's demise really show the class of the people who post here. No wonder you can't get a civil debate on this site - we are dealing with lunatic idiots." - MNCurler

Couldn't have said it better myself.**


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