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Saturday, March 24, 2007

James Cromwell (Farmer Hoggett, Hollywood Idiot)

"I can't handle living in the United States of America when I know the last two elections were rigged, and that we were denied our right to vote."

**What in the hell is Hoggett talking about? And who really cares what Hoggett is talking about.........If he is so unhappy he should take his sorry, pig farming ass somewhere else. Maybe somewhere like North Korea where they make pig-feed out of big mouths who complain about politics.

Also, why is it putz's like Hoggett don't complain about 'rigged elections' when Democrats win? Wait a minute, maybe that's a definitional issue in Liberalville: If Republicans win elections they are 'rigged,' but if Democrats win elections they are 'fair.'

POS Liberal dictionaries..........Coming to a school near you, if they haven't alrerady of course.**


  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous Spurwing Plover said…

    Then why dont cromwell move to another country im sure hugo chavez would tollerate his ilk after all he plays a pretend farmer in some stupid movie with animatronic animals who should be telling this jerk to GET A LIFE


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