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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jeff Braden (Expert in Deafness and Development)

"There are a number of barriers that deaf people face that would put them at a severe disadvantage in a legal proceeding.… She'd be at a significant disadvantage, even with an interpreter."

- Commenting that Daphne Wright should not be a death penalty candidate if found guilty of murdering her lover, Darlene VanderGeisen.

**It's sad that Daphne is deaf, and she should be given every opportunity to have the court proceedings signed to her........She should even be given more of an opportunity; through slower proceedings and in writing if necessary.

BUT THIS BITCH SHOULD FRY!!! She killed her lover, then dismembered and spread her body-parts from South Dakota to Minnesota. That's sick, and for such sickness she should be executed. The sooner the better........If nothing else she should get the chair for a hate crime against a lesbian. What, only Normals can commit these against Normos? I think not!

Ol' Sparky is'a waitin........Burn, baby, burn!!!**


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