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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Jeff Swensson (Warren Township, Indiana Associate Superintendent)

"Two students were involved in inappropriate conduct in a lab last semester. We have investigated the matter and taken appropriate action. The school corporation considers the matter closed and will have no further comment."

**Lets get a few more facts, and see if you think this matter was handled 'appropriately.'

1. At least 10 students witnessed the two sixth-grade students having intercourse.......Oh, did I forget to explain the "inappropriate conduct" was full male-female, vaginal intercourse? Or that the students were significantly under the age of consent? I'm sure the school didn't want this to be well known either.

2. The teacher was not disciplined, and all teachers at the school "were told to keep quiet."

3. The police were not informed of the incident.

4. The school board refuses to say if the children involved in the incident have been expelled.

5. "All right, so they (other students) may have witnessed this. While this is an activity you certainly don't see in a school and it's something that would be certainly unusual, I don't feel - I don't know where it posed any immediate danger to those children who saw it." - Kevin McDowell (Indiana Department of Education Attorney)

Sounds to me like the matter wasn't 'handled appropriately,' shouldn't be considered "closed" and the district is incorrect in thinking it shouldn't have "further comment"........That's just me, though. I'm sure this makes me a radical Right-winger.**


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