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Friday, March 16, 2007

Judge Thomas Zampino (New Jersey Superior Court)

"In today's threatening world, where we seek to protect children from abuse, not just physical, but also educational abuse, how can we not monitor the educational welfare of all our children? A child in New Jersey, who recently was found unfed and locked in a putrid bedroom was allegedly 'homeschooled' and because no one, such as a teacher or nurse, was able to observe any abuse in a school setting, it went undiscovered."

**Child abuse is child abuse, and this could have happened to any child, regardless of how or where they are being educated. The child should be removed from the home and his parents locked up for a hell of a long time. Hopefully, the Prison Mule and Shanks have their way with them while they are there, as well........That said, how many cases of children being raped by teachers have we all read? Plenty; but this shouldn't be a case against banning all teachers, or all educational environments they teach in.

This isn't a legitimate complaint against homeschooling. It is simply a judge hoping to become the Lead Commissar for the American KVCh.......If you don't get this term you need to go to my glossary more often: KVCh.**


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