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Monday, March 12, 2007

Terry 'The Wacko' Macko (World Wildlife Fund Vice President)

“Today’s couples are aware of issues affecting the world around them and want to affect change. Instead of getting a truck load of items they don’t really need, many couples are deciding to use the occasion to tastefully raise funds for a cause they care about, like environmental conservation.”

- Commening on the WWF's new “gift registry” for donations instead of gifts for marrying couples.

**Make sure you keep this in mind next time a friend or family member invites you to a wedding........I'm sure they won't mind being stiffed of a gift in exchange for your donation to environMENTAL nutcases.

A donation I recommend: Environmentally friendly dog turds.**


  • At 8:12 AM, Blogger still Unreal... said…

    Hey! Great idea!
    Unfortunately, I always make donations to The Human Fund in the receipients name.
    They do, however, get a nifty card thanking them for the donation...I can even print it on my computer.

  • At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Zerihun said…

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