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Friday, April 20, 2007

Charlotte Uhlenbroek (Zoologist)

"If I was an alien from Mars and looked at human society and a society of apes then in terms of the emotional life I would see no distinct difference, although we live very different lives because of language and technology."

- Making a case for 'human rights' for apes.

**I'm going to leave my comment to a man with much more information on the matter:

"Where do you stop? It seems to be that being human is unique and nothing to do with biology. Say that apes share 98% of human DNA and therefore should have 98% of human rights. Well mice share 90% of human DNA. Should they get 90% of human rights?"......."Rights and responsibilities go together and I've yet to see a chimp imprisoned for stealing a banana because they don't have a moral sense of what's right an wrong. To give them rights is to give them something without asking anything in return." - Steve Jones (Genetics Professor, University of London)**


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