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Sunday, April 08, 2007

House Armed Services Committee (DEMOCRATS ONLY)

The 2008 defense spending bill should "avoid using colloquialisms"....Specifically the term "global war on terrorism"....."There was no political intent in doing this."

**What a load of shit!! This is the Democrats way of claiming there is no such thing as a global jihadism to be fought........Instead they want to carve out our military engagements into "the War in Iraq," "the War in Afghanistan,' and "Operations in the Horn of Africa," etc.

This is absolutely political. If it weren't the Demcrats would have included their Republican peers in the decision, which they didn't. And if they had, they would have had a huge fight on their hands:

"This is a philosophical and political question. Republicans generally believe that by fighting the war on terror in Iraq, we are preventing terrorists from spreading elsewhere and are keeping them engaged so they are not attacking us at home." - Republican aide.

BY THE WAY, THIS TACT HAS BEEN SUCCESSFUL SO FAR.......Last I checked, we haven't been hit at home since 9/11/01. A fact no one would have expected after that fateful day. This fact must be credited to President Bush for taking the fight to the terrorist's lands, and to our exceptional troops for killing the son's of bitches OVER THERE!**


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