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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Chris Daly (San FranFreako Board of Supervisors)

“They seem dangerous and unnecessary.”

- Commenting about U.S. Navy Blue Angels shows in San FranSicko.

**Daly is so full of shit (as expected from a shit-packer, but that's beside the point)........The Blue Angels have had accidents, its rare and their most dangerous stunts are performed over the Bay away from the city.

He wants to end these shows because he hates the military and his pals at Code Pink will do anything they can to crap on our brave troops. I wish he'd just come out with the real reason why he wants to end the Blue Angels shows.......But he knows he can't be honest, because there are actually a lot of normal human beings in 'The Shitty' who would be pissed off by such a statement.**


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