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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Commisar Hillary Clinton (D - NY, Next President of the USA?)

"I think that we are in danger of narrowing the curriculum and leaving children behind......Music and art, and exposure to different set(s) of cultural experiences can ignite such a creative passion and imagination in some people. I worry that No Child Left Behind with its emphasis on tests...is going to weed so many kids out."

**American children score terribly compared to their peers in much of the developed world, yet Hillary thinks it would be a good thing to stray from the basics and give children more diversity......I'm sure this would set them up very nicely to compete in the global marketplace.


Oh well, at least in Hillaryville American children would all know how to properly wear a burka, fly the American Flag upside down, speak Spanish, know daddies are unnecessary (unless they are gay daddies of course), be able to paint with fecal material, and sing "Kumbaya"......None of which will help them find or keep a job when they grow up, but at least they'll be diverse and have their passions stirred.**



  • At 6:25 AM, Anonymous PC_Bucs said…

    Being a teacher, I will admit that Hillary does have a point, she just comes to the typical liberal (wrong) conclusion. It has been shown that things like music, art, and cultural experience DO help broaden a childs intellect. The problem is that in the past, PARENTS were the ones who took kids out to experience the world and broaden their horizons. In my experience, I find that too many parents today, just let junior do whatever they want which is usually to sit at home playing video games and watching useless TV shows. People don't take their kids with them on vacations, or to museums, plays, even to the store. the result is dull kids who are completely ignorant of the world around them and who do not learn well and who do poorly on tests because of this. Schools cannot replace that in any way and neither can the government. My best students are those whose parents are involved in their lives and have been since they were born. These PARENTS have ingnited creative passion and a desire to learn and excel in their kids. No Child Left Behind has had NOTHING to do with this and is a RESULT of this, not the cause!!!

  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said…

    Good points Bucs, and I have no problem with kids getting a well rounded education.......It would just be nice to see them do a little better in Math, Reading, Writing, Science and have a clue about American History.

    I understand the concerns of teachers, but I hire people in their young 20's..........And most of them are complete dolts.

    They have to have a high school diploma/GED and be Medical Assistant graduates......Yet most can't read a simple tape measure, have no idea how to convert simple math formulas, and their logic skills are brutal.

    Real life skills is what they need to know.....Then they can learn the rest.
    Later....Off camping with the family.

  • At 7:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Music and art?? This stupid bitch(pardon my French) is worried about MUSIC and ART??? We're lost folks.



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