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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sen. Harry Reid (Majority Leader - Nevada, Mousi pugiliticus)

"There's lots of support for this bill on the outside. The problem is inside the Senate chamber."

**Reid is correct, there is "lots of support" for the Amnesty Bill. Unfortunately most of it is coming from illegal immigrants and groups like La Raza (The Race) and MEChA (Movement Of Chicano Student for Aztlan)..........."The Race" is pretty self explanitory, but for those who don't know what Aztlan is:

Aztlan = The mythical home of the Aztecs.......Which includes California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Southern Colorado and part of Mexico.

Luckily, Harry's "problem inside the Senate chamber" is due to the fact there is massive support AGAINST the Amnesty Bill, and enough of the members of the U.S. Senate realize their job is to do the work of the American people as a whole.........Not to try to make those who make the most noise, and the racist groups of La Raza and MeChA, happy.**



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