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Friday, June 15, 2007

Sen. John McCain (R'INO' - AZ, Turncoat Mole)

"I think the Senate works in a way where relatively small numbers can block legislation, but I also think the more conservative, anti-immigrant, anti-legislation group(s) were very well backed up by a very vocal group of people who were supporting them."

- Complaining about the inability of those supporting the 'Amnesty Bill of 2007' to stop debate on the bill and force it to the floor for a vote.

**1. McCain knows how the Senate works: "...the Senate is made for defense".......It was created to hold back the mob-rule of the House, and its rules were designed to slow the legislative process down. Such was the brilliance of the Founding Fathers.

2. On June 7 there were three votes in the Senate to end debate on the bill (cloture votes). All three lost, and none of them lost procedurally (they need to have 60 senators voting Yea for the cloture vote to pass)......Also, contrary to McCain's accusation, they weren't defeated by a "small number" of senators; they all were defeated by a majority, not a 40 vote minority.

- Vote #1 (63 Nay, 33 Yea, 3 Not Voting).........Not a close vote at all, and McCain didn't even show up to vote.
- Vote #2 (61 Nay, 34 Yea, 4 Not Voting).......Not close either, and McCain didn't show up again.
- Vote #3 (50 Nay, 45 Yea, 4 Not Voting)........A little closer vote, but still a majority for he HELL NO's!!! At least McCain posted for this one and was one of the losing 45.

None of these votes held back cloture due to a "small number" of senators.......Unless Johnny now considers a majority (a significant majority in 2 of the 3) to be a "small number."

3. The Nay votes in all three cloture votes had Republican and Democrat support......There are only 49 Republicans in the Senate, and some voted Yea and others didn't vote at all (McCain). By definition the Nay votes couldn't possibly be the result of just a 'very vocal group of anti-immigration, anti-legislation conservatives.'

This was a bunch of crap, but McCain knows saying such shit will get him on the lead story of the nightly news because they love nothing more than Republicans bashing other Republicans.

4. If the bill were pushed to the floor it would get crushed!! The votes aren't there to end debate, so how does he believe it can possibly survice a floor vote? This still doesn't explain away the question of why do the Amnesty-senators want to end debate so quickly? Could it be they want to push it through before the American people have a chance to thoroughly examine the scam they are pushing? Hmmm????

5. McCain can kiss my ass!! I've voted for this POS twice for his Senate seat, and it makes me sick to even think about having to do so again, or for president.........Hillary or McCain? Hillary or McCain? My God!!! Just the thought of this choice makes me want to vomit.**


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