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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sen. Ted Kennedy (D'u' - Mass) - Pt. 4 of 7

"The charges I have mentioned are highly emotional, irrational and with little foundation in fact. They are out of line with the obligations of responsible citizenship. They breed hate of our heritage."

- Comment Teddy made regarding the 1965 Immigration Bill.

**I hope you are enjoying this week's theme. I also hope it is pissing you off........Fat Teddy is spewing the same bullshit he did in 1965 and 1986, which is nothing short of the ultimate sellout of America. Either that or this puke is so shortsighted he can't see past the obvious to see the current bill will be every bit the failure the last two have been.

And make no mistake, I am not giving Republicans a pass on this matter while busting the Duke of Chappaquiddick Bay's balls...........I hope you will take the two minutes it takes to email your senators, and make sure they understand the Amnesty Bill of 2007 must go.

An easy way to contact your representatives: CLICK HERE!**


  • At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Henry said…

    Not sure if it's so much short sightedness, as much as it is pickled brain or Alzheimer's.

    It's way past time for this POS to go.


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