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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Todd Schneider (RDDB Lawyer)

"This suit is about changing the landscape and making a statement out there that gay people, just like heterosexuals, have the right and desire to meet other people whom they can fall in love (with)."

- Commenting on a lawsuit filed agaist EHarmony.com for not allowing "men seeking men" or "women seeking women" dating options.

**EHarmony is founded and operated by a an evangelical Christian from Focus on the Family, which is the real reason why Normos are offended by not being listed. That and the reality EHarmony is so successful because of its Christian design.

Why should any private business have to bend to the wants of these sickos? A company should be able to run an all straight business or an all gay business. If people don't like it the company will fail........But EHarmony is wildly successful, because of its Christian principles. Principles the Normo crowd would like to see knocked around by the courts. And heaven knows if they can find the right judge (actually a LEFTIST judge) it will eventually get their way.**


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