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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tracy Flavin (CDC Wannabe)

"[Think] how easy it would be to prevent germs and disease if state residents could open bathroom doors with a knee or elbow instead of a handle."

- Pushing a law in Massachusetts mandating doors to open outward from restrooms in state buildings.

**I'm all for good hygeine and sanitary conditions, but how far is the state government going to go? Mandating state employees to wash their hands after taking a leak would do much more good than out-swinging doors, but I doubt they'd attempt to force this law on anyone......I could be wrong though; this is Massachusetts.

That said, if Massachusetts is really concerned about public health, and the cost of taking care of it's citizen's healthcare, they should back off their stance of promoting Normo-sex. Degenerate sexual diseases are much more prevalent and expensive to take care of than those caught from people passing piss and crap on door handles..........Nah, they only want to make laws which make no sense and pretend to tackle problems.**


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