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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sen. Harry Reid (Majority Leader - Nevada)

"It is clear that the Iraqi people don't want us there. It is clear that there is now a state of chaos in Iraq. And it is up to the Iraqi people to make themselves safe."

- NON-Answer to a question asked by ABC's Jack Tapper at a press conference.

Here's the question, followed by the rest of Tapper's questions and Reid's answers:

"Do you think the Iraqi people will be safer with U.S. troops out?" (Tapper)

"With all due respect, Senator, you didn't answer my question." (Tapper)

"This isn't a debate. We're answering questions." (Reid)

"Will the Iraqis be safer?" (Tapper)

"Anyone else have a question?" (Reid)

CLICK HERE to listen to the audio.

**It's no surprise Sen. Reid didn't want to answer these questions, because he (as well as every other Democrat SOB) knows if the U.S. pulls out of Iraq there will be a bloodbath of epic proportions......An event which will bring chaos of the highest order to the Middle East. The Saudis, Egyptians, Jordanians, etc., will come to the "aid" of the Sunnis. The Iranians will come to the "aid" of the Shiites. And the Turks will go after the "troublesome" Kurds.

I don't blame Reid for not answering these questions. He couldn't possibly do so without admitting he's willing to allow genocide and chaos in the Middle East...........Which he is, but is unwilling to say out loud.**



  • At 8:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Perhaps Reid should actually talk to some Iraqis instead of MSM.


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