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Monday, August 20, 2007

Gerardo Sandoval (San FranSicko Supervisor)

"The intolerant and racist comments of Michael Savage demand a strong condemnation."

- Statement after Savage ripped a group of students announcing they were fasting in support of changes in immigration policy.

Savage's comment: "I would say, let them fast until they starve to death."

**I could go on all day about this Jackass Quote, but I'll list some responses sent to the S.F. Examiner website:

"Hey Sandoval, we are not outraged at Michael Savage because we agree with him.....Check the polls on immigration, lame-0."

"If we had more Michael Savages and less milk toast leaders we wouldn't be in tis situation. They are taking over and bringing our country down to a 3rd world level. Thank God for the Michael Savages and the other true AMERICANS."

"Savage is a true man of the people of this country. That is, the people of this country who live here legally. The rest can go to hell - or starve to death."

There are tons of responses like these three.......I agree with them all!!!**


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