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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hurricane Chris (Moronus Maximus)

You Wanna Know Wat We Say In Da Club (Ay Bay Bay)
Whites Folks Gangsta And them Thugz (Ay Bay Bay)
Stuntin wit a stack of dem dubz (Ay Bay Bay)
Ridin' In A Lac Wit A Mug (Ay Bay Bay)

I'm In Da Club Hollerin'
Ay Bay Bay [X2]
Ay Bay Bay [X3]
I'm In Da Club Holerin'
Ay Bay Bay [X2]
Ay Bay Bay [X3]
I'm In Da Club Hollerin'

When I Holler Ay Bay Bay
I Finna Get My Groove On
It's So Hot Up In Da Club
Dat I Ain't Got No Shoes On
I'm Holdin' Up A Big Stack of Dem
Hundreds In A Rubba Band
Girl Don't Ask Me For No Cash
Cause I'm Not Dat Other Man
Everybody Trippin' Cause Im Limpin'
When I'm Walkin' And Im Pimpin' When Im Talkin'
I Don't Trick On Chick Dats Talkin'
Dem Boyz In Da Back Dey Be Rollin'up Dey Doughdy
Then Dey Blow It Till Dey Chokin'
Dats Wat Godly Came Out

When I See A Bad Chik Im Hollerin Out
(Ay Bay Bay)
I Hope Yall Ain't Wit Ya Boyfriendz
Cause I Don't Care Wat Dey Say
And I Don't Care Wat He Say Or She Say
I'm In Da Dj Booth Takin' Pictures Wit Da Dj

You Wanna Know What We Say
When Clubs Get Crunk (Wat)
Ay Baybay Let it Play
Dats My Song Turn It Up

- A portion of the lyrics from the so-called 'song' (??) "Ay Bay Bay." Which is currently #7 on the American Top-40 singles charts.

**The ghosts of the Ancient Romans must be looking down on our nation with huge smiles on their faces.........Smiles because they know there is no way in hell we are going to be able to outlast or surpass their great civilization at the current rate our country is degenerating.

It won't be long before our ghosts are looking back saying 'Ay Bye Bye,' disgusted at what could have, and should have, been.

Click Here to listen to this POS song. If you haven't heard it you won't believe what is being absorbed through the ears of America's youth.**


  • At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Henry said…

    I guess I'm not "cool" anymore: I don't even get what he's talking about.

    The lyrics don't seem that bad. More nonsensically stupid than anything else...

  • At 1:36 PM, Anonymous PC_Bucs said…

    Henry...maybe I am more 'hip' to this crap because I teach 7th graders (who avidly absorb this junk and its culture), but this song is making reference to drug use and abuse (Dem Boyz In Da Back Dey Be Rollin'up Dey Doughdy, Then Dey Blow It Till Dey Chokin') as well as dealing (I'm Holdin' Up A Big Stack of Dem Hundreds In A Rubba Band), there are also degratory references to females and an overall glorification of the 'gangst' culture. I must also note that this is a fairly clean song overall compared to many cRAP and some R&B songs today. If you have teenage kids, you HAVE to know what they are listening to and not be afraid to take control when you have to!! I do.....I refuse to lose my girls to today's pop culture...I have seen what happens and it's not pretty!!

  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger Poison Pero said…

    100% correct, Bucs.........I've got a 13 year old daughter, and its a constant fight. But one I gladly fight.

    And you are right, this is nowhere near as bad as some of the crap out there........This is one of the stupidest sounding songs I've ever heard though. The whold thing is whack.

  • At 5:22 PM, Anonymous PC_Bucs said…

    Pero, Mine are 11 and 13 and so far they have NOT shown a desire to listen to this type of music. My wife prefers country and my tastes are all over ranging from classical, to southern gospel, to 70s/80s classic rock, and many others. No cRAP in my house!! Of course, our controlling our children's music is probably considered horribly oppressive by the left wing where anything goes...hey who DOESN'T want their kids to end up like Lindsey, Paris, Brittney, etc???

  • At 5:38 PM, Blogger Mark said…

    That makes no sense to me either. It's like it's in another language.

  • At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Henry said…

    PC, thanks for the education.

    I have no kids, and never will, so I guess I'm not as attentive to this cRAP. Since Ice-T and his "Cop Killa" garbage, I've completely ignored that end of the musical spectrum.

    However, I'm behind you guys on this junk contributing to the degeneration of our society.


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