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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Speaker - CA, Distempered Rainbow Parakeet)

"Tonight, Barry Bonds etched his name into baseball's history books and took his rightful place among sport's immortals. It was a great night for baseball and a great night for San Francisco -- the crowd went wild. It was particular exciting to see Willie Mays embrace him on the field and see Hank Aaron congratulate him on the Jumbotron. As a season ticket holder, I am particularly glad it happened on the Giants' Italian night."

**Bonds is an awsome baseball player, the best in my generation and got totally screwed by not being named 'Player of the Decade" in the 1990's..........But he didn't need steroids to be a great player. He was the best before he juiced up (allegedly), and didn't need to hit 756 home runs to prove it. He is jerkoff of a human-being, but there's no denying his talent on the field, I just wish he didn't take the chemical route.

That said, very nice, Nancy. Glorify a man who will be best known for cheating the game. Such praise without reservation sets a great example for America's youth to follow........."Go ahead and cheat your way through life. You may get congratulations from the third highest ranking official in the federal government."

Such is the American way, I guess. Especially in Liberaliville.

By the way, I bet Barry's really happy he broke the record on "Goomba Night."**



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