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Monday, September 10, 2007

Britney Spears (Overweight Hollywood Skank)

"Gimme more."

- Song Britney 'perfomed' on the MTV Music Awards.

**1. I don't care if this is a Libby Quote or not.

2. This song sucks, and she was only a few bars off of lip-synching it correctly.......Doh!

3. Britney needs to think about wearing a little more clothing........She's not obese, but showing up on television with a bikini, a beer-gut and a chunky-ass is a little over the top.

4. I can't believe I wasted 4-minutes of my life watching this crap.......But, like all trainwrecks I'd probably do it again, because I admit to having a fascination with watching Hollywood Idiots crash and burn.

5. This 4-minutes was all I watched of the show, but I doubt it was much worse than the other 116-minutes.

"Britney seemed like she was barely alive during her lackluster lip-synching debacle. As I was watching her, I felt that embarrassing feeling you get when you watch an R-rated movie with your parents. I wanted to hide my eyes -- or pretend like I wasn't actually seeing what was on the screen. I almost thought she was kidding........It sucked." - Daily Blabber**


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