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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Columbia University Students (Best and the Brightest???)


- Not really a quote, but an idiotic gesture from the students at Columbia University on the entry of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and to some of his comments.

**There is no way Columbia should have allowed this monster on campus. The event was destined to turn out poorly, and the idiotic-intelligencia class was bound to be shown up by the much brighter A-Mad-Jihad.

I will give the school president his due for the comments he made about Mahmoud, but he is out of his mind if he thinks the comments will have any affect on the Iranian's behavior.......Few in Iran will ever hear the comments from the Columbia students and staff, but all will be force-fed the comments Ahmadinejad made, as well as the 'trap answers' Ahmadine-Whack Job led the university president into.

That said, it is interesting the students made little noise when Ahmadinejad commented on Israel or the U.S. being the world's real terrorist, but they went ape when Mahmoud said there weren't any gays in Iran.........I guess they care more about Normos than international politics, which isn't surprising, and is exactly why they were little more than Persian propaganda tools for the day.

Oh well, we'll see what Ahmadinejad says Tuesday at the U.N........I'm sure this will make his visit to Columbia look like a nice little discussion.**


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