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Monday, October 29, 2007

Bank of "Illegal" America

"Bank of Opportunity."

- New BofA business slogan.

**It's almost humorous watching and listening to these commercials, because BofA is trying to sell themselves as a kinder, gentler bank........By definition, banks are predatory, though necessary. But please give me a break with the "Bank of Opportunity" BS.

What's really funny is they fail to state or show who they are really providing such "opportunity" to........THEY ARE GIVING LOANS TO ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!

Many Americans are concerned about the damage the economy is suffering through due to mortgage forclosures and people being over-extended through credit cards. Try to imagine the chaos which is going to occure when illegal aliens decide they can't pay their bills any longer.......And you know it's going to happen.

The "Bank of Opportunity" will get it's money one way or another (which is they only reason they are making these loans), but Average Jane & Joe American is going to be left holding the bag for this decision to invest in illegals. AGAIN!!!**


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