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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Commisar Hillary Clinton (D - NY, Next President of the USA?)

"This is a major commitment to how I believe we can begin to right the balance again."

- "This" is one of the many give-away projects Hillary is throwing out as a means of trying to promise a little something to every American in her attempt to 'buy votes.'

**Hillary's becoming a modern-day Robin Hood. And make no mistake, the 'hood' she's going to be robbing is yours and mine; taxing Average Joe and Jane while claiming to hit the rich.

Truth is, Hillary knows she can't possibly come through on all of her promises, but she learned from the best (her hubby) that it never hurts to throw out as much crap as possible........Even if she fails in her give-aways, she'll still push for tax increases to pay for the plans she knows she'll never get passed, however.

John Edwards is a yutz, but I like what one of his spokesmen recently said about Hillary's aborted $5,000/baby scheme.......Speaking of 'aborted' and 'baby schemes,' I wonder if she's planning on giving away cash for executed babies as well?

"Apparently, new polling data seems to have pressured the Clinton campaign to throw out the baby bond with the bathwater." - Chris Kofinis (Edwards Spokesman)

That's funny!!!**



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