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Monday, October 22, 2007

Dennis Township Primary School (New Jersey Elementary School)

"Young man, you are an social abomination! You are suspended."

- The above isn't an 'actual' quote,' but it speaks directly to the fact that a second-grade child was suspended from this school for drawing a stick-figure picture of a kid firing a gun.......Heaven knows exactly what the school told the poor kid, or how it ridiculed his parents.

**"Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!"

This country has lost it's mind when it comes to children and guns......Yet finds it perfectly acceptable to teach these very same children that it's ok to be sodomized by stange dudes in the park (consentually, of course).

Want to know the other dangerous items the little boy drew? Are you sure you can handle this? If you can't handle it, be warned to move on to another page. FINAL WARNING: THE FOLLOWING MENTAL IMAGES ARE QUITE GRAPHIC.

Not only did he draw a picture of a gun, but he also drew images of a skateboarder, King Tut, a ghost, a tree and a Cyclops............."OH MY!!!!"

I hope this little boy has learned his lesson.........And the lesson I hope he's learned is that "Liberalism is a mental disorder." - Savage


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