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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Michael Fogel (Chicago School of Professional Psychology)

"It's an extraordinarily rare condition, but it's also a very real condition.....In these type of cases, it's a sexual attraction that the individual has.....That's what they're aroused to, it's what they have sexual fantasies about."

- Commenting on a 24-year old scumbag (Anthony Merino) who raped a 92-year old woman's dead corpse.

**That's some sick shit. And I'm not talking about Anthony's mental state.........92 or dead is bad; combined they are completely repulsive.

That said, Anthony will surely be defended for banging this poor dead corpse by the dynamic duo of a Red-Diaper-Doper-Baby lawyer and a degenerate-defending head-shrink.......Maybe if he's lucky he'll have Dr. Fogel on his side, explaining how he can't help himself and doesn't bang dead people by choice. I'M SURE HE WAS BORN THAT WAY!!!

Make no mistake, in time the less reported portion of the GLBTTBNPR'ers (Try-Sexual, Bestial, NECROPHILIACS, Pedophiles, Robo-Homos) will eventually be pushed on the public as Normals just as the first part of the acronym is.........And those of you who think they are sick will be looked down on as unreasonable Normophobes!!!**


  • At 4:29 PM, Blogger Jason said…

    First of all, Dr. Fogel was commenting on the condition. How is that in any way defending what the individual was doing? Rather than judging the individual, Dr. Fogel would be one who the individual could talk to and console in, something people with this condition probably have a hard time doing. Dr. Fogel would be one whom the individual could come to for help.

    With that said, your implication about society eventually approving of bestiality and necrophilia because we are starting to approve of homosexual marriage is a fallacious and illogical argument that typically comes from those who do not think about society in a rational way. One of the main things you are forgetting is this: Homosexual marriage and behavior involves consent from both individuals. If it does not, it is rape. Bestiality and necrophilia do NOT involve consent from both individuals. Society will probably never allow actions such as these latter to become legal because society does not work in a fallacious way like your thoughts do.

    I do hope that you can see this person (the one you have mentioned) in ways more than just his aforementioned behavior. Think about your own struggles. Would you want people to think of you solely in those terms?


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