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Friday, October 19, 2007

Ronald Sosinski ('So-Called' Art Curator)

"I see it as basically a show about healing........The sculptures are extremely traditional when you see them in their use of material. When you first see them they look like bronzes."

- Commenting on a New York art gallery display with a "Chocolate Jesus" and special mail invitations of the Virgin Mary........The special part of the invitation is the "scratch-n-sniff" breasts on Mary.

**For those who accuse me of being part of the "Christian Right," I want to stress again that I am not a Christian, and truly couldn't care less if they ate the Chocolate Jesus or got high sniffing Mary's breasts.........There is something I would like the so-called artist of this display and all the foo-foo turds who run the art gallery to do, however. It is something which would take huge testicles and be a real statement of their rebelious nature.

I would like these people to go forward with their anti-religion art, and extend it to Islam........I want to see a "Vanilla Mohammad." A "Strawberry Mo" would suffice as well.

For some reason I don't think they will ever do this. They not only don't have the testicular fortitude, but I highly doubt their necks are strong enough to withstand the machete which would surely find them if they did such an act............I wish they'd give it their best, though.


  • At 7:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    defending the faith without a stated denomination? what's that about testicular fortitude? Jesus said, "if you're ashamed of me, I'm ashamed of you". nuff said.


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