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Friday, October 05, 2007

State Rep. Matthew Barrett (D'ipshit' - Ohio)

"I have no idea where these came from."

- Commenting on pictures which 'magically' appereared on a slide presentation during a civics lecture he gave high school students.


What a jackass! Such a sorry excuse would be expected from the horny teenage boys in the high school class, but not from a supposed adult.

Not surprising, however, is what the school principle and technology people found when looking at the memory stick Barrett used to show his 'presentation." Anyone want to guess what they found? They found a directory of nudies on the memory stick..........And then the maggot blamed it on someone who supposedly gave him the stick as a "gift." HAHAHAHAHA!!!

If he was a Republican he'd be forced out of office by his own party..........But since he's a Demcorat, he has a leg up on a future run for the Democrat presidential nomination.**


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