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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Gov. Steve Holland (D - Oregon)

“The lads absolutely love it. And residents need not worry, the youngsters won’t be using their new skills to jump over the fence....The pole vaulting doesn’t take up much room, and it takes skill and some courage to throw yourself into the air.

- Commenting on the grand idea of allowing prisoners to take pole vaulting classes.

**I can't be the only one who finds humor and disgust at this idea? These are prisoners; jerkoffs who've earned their way behind bars.......Why in the hell do they need such a ridiculous form of exercise as pole vaulting? And you know one of them is going to get hurt, then find a shyster lawyer to sue the state.

Also, the governor called these prisoners "lads" and "youngsters" makes me want to puke. He specifically used these terms to get some sympathy for the prisoners. All of which are over the age of 18, because this isn't a juvinile institution.........Please, don't fall for BS like that. Politicians are notorious for playing with words in order to get away with the crap they propose. And even if they were under 18, they still found a way to earn their way into prison.

“It struck me as funny that prisoners are being taught to pole vault. Next they will be teaching them rock climbing and ladder making......Let’s hope they don’t get too good at it.” - Mike Lee (Misc. citizen)


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