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Thursday, November 08, 2007

State Senator Jose Serrano (D - NY)

“I raised the issue to him as sort of a way to help immigrants feel comfortable even applying for this license."

-The "issue" he raised is a scheme to in New York City being proposed to allow "immigrants" to apply for licenses without being asked if they are illegal aliens.

**Make no mistake, this isn't an attempt to help all "immigrants," because LEGAL IMMIGRANTS have no problem getting licenses or any other type of social services.......It's a scheme to give ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS such rights, which would by default give them legitimacy.

In other words, it's a plan to sneak them in as semi-legals!!! Oh, and before Hillary said she wasn't sure about this being a good idea, she said it was a good idea.......She was almost more John Kerry-esque than John Kerry is.**


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