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Monday, November 05, 2007

NBC (Pea'cocks')

"Green is Universal."

- NBC's campaign "with a week of green-themed programming aimed at entertaining, informing and empowering Americans to lead greener lives."

**Woohoo! Just what the world needs..........A TV network trading in it's traditional multi-colored "peacock" logo for a green bird. I'm sure this will save the world.

What I'm wondering is if NBC is trading in its corporate jets, cars, etc., for bicycles and skateboards? Are they going to stop giving their talentless actors million dollar salaries, and use this money to clean up the planet instead...........NAH!!! None of this is going to be done.

How about this for an idea: NBC should go off the air for a week, in the hope that Americans will forever turn off their TV's, which would save a great deal of energy.......NAH!!!! This won't do either.

This whole campaign is a joke. It will have little-to-know effect on the planet, but it will make the green morons at NBC feel good about themselves. Also, don't let them fool you. Green isn't their favorite color; they prefer RED much more......RED as in 'better dead than red.'**


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