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Friday, February 08, 2008

George Saunders (False-Idol Worshipper)

“His supersized fondness for life, humans, activity, accomplishment, makes you aware of your own negative mind. His seemingly boundless energy makes you aware of how prematurely you habitually pronounce yourself tired. A hopeful, almost naïve quality he has….feels somehow generational: vestigial evidence of the Summer of Love. His drive, his fame, the public nature of everything he does, makes you giddily grateful for the humble scale of your own life.”

- Saunders is the author of “Bill Clinton, Public Citizen.”

**If I was Bill Clinton there would be a few things I’d do to improve my life:

1. “Off’ my haggardly wife.
2. Start banging better looking interns.
3. Find someone else to write books about me, because I’d be embarrassed as hell at this putz writing my biography……..But I’m sure Bill isn’t embarrassed at all, because he’s a self-aggrandizing jerkoff himself.

I am glad I found this quote, however, because now I have the first book to add to my ‘2008 do not read list.’**


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