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Friday, March 14, 2008

Reverend Jeremiah Wright (Barack Obama's Spiritual Leader)

"Hillary aint never been called a nigger."

**Click here to watch Obama's spiritual leader rip on Hillary because she's not a "nigger."......On this video you'll also get to hear this genius explain that "Jesus was a poor black man."

Click here to watch Obama's spiritual leader pray for God not to bless America, but to "damn America".......On this one, you'll also get to watch Obama defend his religious leader and claim this nut job and his church aren't controversial.

No wonder Barack has no problem with Louis Farrakhan endorsing him. His own spiritual leader is just as nutty as Louis.......BUT BARACK DOESN'T SEE A PROBLEM WITH EITHER!!!

Please keep all of this in mind as we get closer to November.......Especially those who've complained about Bush being a 'right-wing religious fanatic.

Barack may not say it out loud, but he's been with Jeremiah Wright's church for years, and if he's anywhere near his leader (which it's likely he is) then he's nothing short of a 'left-wing, looney, America-hating, white-man-hating, race-baiting, religious fanatic'...........A fanatic who wants to become the new messian and help heal America's soul; healing Jeremiah Wright-style that is.

Every time you think you might vote for Obama, or hear one of your friends say they might vote for Obama, keep these videos in mind........Watch them yourself, and pass them on to your friends.**


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