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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Christopher Benisch (Harris Park Elementary School Principal [Colorado])

“We really want to send a clear message to that student and the other student that we’re responsible for that.”

- Comment made regarding the suspension of a third-grade student for sniffing a stripe of magic marker on his shirt.

**Let me get this straight, schools expect parents to respect their right to brainwash children on the beauty of transgenerderism, man-made Global Warming, communist ideology, etc., etc., etc……And now we have to put up with the jackboots tossing eight year olds out of school for sniffing their shirts?

Yet the idiots running schools wonder why so many parents are leery of sending them to these KVCh hell-holes.

Those of you paying attention should know the KVCh (Kulturno-Vospitatelnaya Chast = Soviet Cultural-Education Department) was the mind-grinding institution of the USSR’s gulag system…..And make no mistake, Liberals have been using the American education system (which they completely dominate) in a similar, though less obvious, way to that of their Soviet cousins.**


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