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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Barack Obama (Fetal Holocaust Commander-in-Chief)

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act."

**I know it angers some of my Conservative friends, but I'm not an anti-abortion absolutist....Lets just put it this way, I have a hard time saying any woman should have to carry and deliver a baby if she is raped (this includes any pregnancy for a minor) or if her life is in danger (which is incredibly rare).

That said, I can't believe anyone would want to encourage a policy of abortion as a birth control method.....Pathetically, this is what abortion has become in America. It is "safe" and "legal," but it is no longer "rare," and is hardly ever necessary to "protect the health of the mother." Instead, abortions are becoming almost as common as births themself. This is sad, and sick.

But the above isn't why I wanted to highlight this comment from Obama.

How in the world can Obama say his first priority as president would be to ensure unborn children can be executed? I would hope his first priority would be to win the War on Terror, or to figure out a way to get more oil in the U.S., or to get the economy rolling again.........But NOOOOOOOOO! Barack Obama's first priority is to make sure babies can be killed.

Eghads! I hope this isn't the kind of "change" we can all look forward to in an Obama presidency......Though I'm sure it is.**



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