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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pat Schroeder (Hag)

"It troubles me a lot what we saw. It was like they made a witch out of [Hillary Clinton], some people. You know we thought the Salem witch trials were over. But some people, no matter what she said, it was 'don't believe it. She's really evil.'...I've never seen anyone do that to a candidate."

**Boo, hoo, hoo! I feel so sorry for poor Hillary.


I wanted Hillary to beat Obama like a drum for many reasons, but the Democrat nomination was in no way hers and only hers to have. She had to earn it........But, she didn't work hard enough to beat Obama, which is pretty pathetic because she was a huge favorite and he is a newbie.

That said, I do understand why Patsy is concerned about the witch trials.....If they were ever restarted she'd be a prime candidate to be the first to be burned at the stake.

Oh, it's also important to point out one more fact: the "they" she is referencing is LIBERAL DEMOCRATS.**


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