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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Susan Estrich (Fox News Token Libby)

"There is no question that the Republicans will try to do to Obama what they did to Dukakis: paint him as a liberal, out of touch with the values of average Americans, so far left that he has left America."

**1. Obama is a Liberal........He's not rated as the most Liberal U.S. Senator for nothing. And that's quite the honor considering the Liberal shitheads he beat out for the top spot.

2. Obama is out of touch with average Americans.......He's the one who made the comment about average Americans loving God and guns because they are bitter. This is what he said, not something made up by Rightwingers. Plus, I'd bet his true feelings are much stronger than these.

3. Unfortunately, he hasn't left America, but there's no doubt he's far left.

Otherwise, Obama is nothing like Dukakis..........Other than being a whacked, out of touch Libby, that is.

By the way, I rarely put pictures up on this blog, but can't resist putting this one of Estrich every time she's honored with a Libby Jackass Quote of the Day.


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