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Monday, July 28, 2008

Frank Rich (NY Times Propagadameister)

"Possessed by the ticking-bomb of television's '24,' all they want to do is protect America from further terrrorist strikes."

- "they" = President Bush and VP Cheney

**DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it wasn't '24' they were watching, it was a gruesome little show called 'Terrorists Killing 3,000+ People On September 11, 2001.'

Maggots like Rich would rather Bush spent the past seven years paying more attention to Global Warming (or cooling, or whatever it is today), GLBTTNPR Issues, Taxing The Rich (and the middle class, and the poor), Free Healthcare (free = it will cost us all an arm and a leg), etc., etc., etc.....And Rich is probably one of those Libby types who'd like to see the government get gas up to $8/gallon through massive taxation; Bush should have been doing this, too, I guess.

All of the above are what Bush should have been doing, instead of wasting so much of his time being "possessed" by the threat of terrorism............Oh by the way, last I checked the American homeland hasn't been hit again since Bush took the fight to the terrorists. I'm sure Rich and his Leftist pals will claim this is just luck, or not really that important, though.**


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