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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Marshall Grossman (Leftist Putz)

"When the Republican boogeymen and boogeywomen are gone - in just a few short, summer months, the poitical scene will shift. The blue dogs will be the new Republicans and we, the people, will hold the newly elected feet to the fire...Incumbent and unresponsive conservative Democrats will have to begin looking over their left shoulders."

- The 'blue dogs' are so-called moderate-to-conservate Democrats in Congress.

**First of all, blue dogs are an endangered species in Congress, and are nowhere near being Conservatives.......They are Right of the party, because the party is so damned Left. Not because they are Rightwingers.

That said, the Left feels it owns the Democrat Party and is going to demand the party to follow its lead........This is something all of America should fear, but it is also something all of America should enjoy watching, because there is no way the Democrats will be able to make the Left happy. As a result there will be much blood-letting, and the short-term Democrat success might be ensured to be short if the radicals are allowed to push their weight around too much.**


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