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Thursday, July 17, 2008

William Harrison (Killer of Over 20,000 Babies)

"Embryos and fetuses spontaneously aborted – most, but not all of those 'canceled' by 'God' – are ... luckless human souls. But a few spontaneous abortions occur in desired pregnancies with no discernable abnormalities. For those girls and women and their families whose circumstances would make their babies 'luckless human souls,' I 'cancel' them before they become babies."

**So, Dr. Harrison-Mengele plays God for his profession? What a sick SOB!! I wonder if his business sign is like McDonalds:

McDonalds: "Over 1 Billion Served!"

Dr. Sick SOB Harrison-Mengele: "Over 20,000 Killed!"

I'm sure he's 'dying' to get to 30,000 as quickly as possible.

Oh by the way, Dr. Sick SOB Harrison-Mengele just happens to be one of Hillary Clinton's past OB/GYNs.**


  • At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Henry said…

    "I 'cancel' them..."

    WTF?!? Who's he to be talking about souls, he obviously has none.

    I feel sick now...


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