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Monday, September 22, 2008

Saturday Night Live (Degenerates)

Reporter: "What about the husband?...You know he's doing those daughters. I mean, come on. It's Alaska."

Editor: "He very well could be. Admittedly, there is no evidence of that, but on the other hand, there is no convincing evidence to the contrary. And these are just some of the lingering questions about Governor Palin."

Paper Headline: "While No Direct Evidence of Incest in Palin Family Emerges, Counter Evidence Remains Agonizingly Elusive" and "In a Small Alaska Town, Doubts Still Linger."

- The skit was a conversation between a journalist and an editor, and the headline posted in the news paper.

**Nothing is off limits for these people. NOTHING! But what do you expect? In Liberalville nothing is off limits, and the only thing that matters is the ends justifying the means; principles be damned:

“The man of action views the issue of means and ends in pragmatic and strategic terms. He has no other problem; he thinks only of his actual resources and the possibilities of various choices of action. He asks of ends only whether they are achievable and worth the cost; of means, only whether they will work. To say that corrupt means corrupt the ends is to believe in the immaculate conception of ends and principles.” – Saul Alinsky


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