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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Barack Obama (Clueless Idiot? Hardly!)

"Ultimately, I ended up learning about the fact that [Weatherman terrorist William Ayers] had engaged in this reprehensible act [bombing and killing] 40 years ago, but I was eight years old at this time and I assume that he had been rehabilitated."

**Poor 8 year old Barack! I admit, I am 100% sure 8 year old Barack had nothing to do with William Ayers at this time.....But only a 'moron' can believe a man as brilliant as Obama is supposed to be - at 34 years of age in 1995 - wouldn't have known exactly who William Ayers was and is, and also wouldn't have known Ayers is anything but repentant.

Barack would have to be a clueless idiot for this to be the case, and although I don't want him as President I would never say he's a clueless idiot......A liar? YES! A clueless idiot? HARDLY!

I guess the answer to this problem is in my previous statement: Barack is counting on much of the American population being 'moronic' enough to not know better....Unfortunately, he may be right in his calculus.**



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