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Friday, October 31, 2008

Barbara Theaker (Obama-maniac)

"Barack Obama has made an intelligent choice for the vice-presidency. How so very different this is from that bucket of fluff that the Republican candidates have chosen."

**'That bucket of fluff' has helped McCain greatly, and if he wins he'll have much to thank Sarah Palin for, but Biden has done nothing other than embarrass himself and Obama.....If the media wasn't part of the Obama campaign they'd be killing Biden, but they're in the bag and have mostly ignored the 'Human-Gaffe-O-Matic.'

Lets list a few examples:

1. He stated Hillary Clinton would have been a better VP choice....Which is obviously correct.

2. Biden's educated the country about how well Franklin Roosevelt reacted to the stock market crash of 1929; even noting how he went on TV to calm the nation.....FDR wasn't president in 1929, and it was well before TV.

3. Joe made a point of informing us how the world would test a President Obama, by creating an international crisis in his first six months in office.....And warned Obama supporters not to be concerned with the low poll numbers which would follow.

4. He's lowered the magical 'tax the rich' number to $150,000......Not that Barack isn't planning on lowering it from his current number of $250,000 or $200,000 (whichever lie he's telling these days), but Obama doesn't want Biden talking about it.

NO WONDER THE OBAMA CAMPAIGN HAS SHUT HIM UP: "[Obama] has muzzled his own running mate for offering insight into Barack Obama's plan to raise taxes." - Ben Porritt


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