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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Communist Party USA (Obama Supporter)

"None of the people's struggles...will advance if McCain wins in November."

**CPUSA doesn't do 'official endorsements' for political candidates, but this statement is as clear as can be: THE COMMIES WANT McCAIN TO LOSE, WHICH MEANS THEY WANT OBAMA TO WIN....Of course they do!!

"It can't be denied that the popularity of Barack Obama, the most far-left candidate to run for president as the nominee of a major party, is a big part of the Communist Party resurgence." - Investor's Business Daily

It's hard to believe any American will vote for a nominee the Communist Party wants to win. It's un-American......Unfortunately, we have millions of Americans who are un-American, and many, many million more who are simply ignorant to the fact they are voting for a man 'endorsed' by the Communist Party.**


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