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Monday, October 27, 2008


"We write to support our colleague, professor William Ayers, distinguished professor of education and senior university scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago, who is currently under determined and sustained political attack...The current characterizations of William Ayers - 'unrepentant terrorist,' 'lunatic leftist' - are unrecognizable to those who know or work with him."

**I have no doubt these 'educators' believe every word of what they say above. This isn't a compliment.....It is a statement of disgust by what American universities have become, which is little short of Leftwing propaganda institutions. The fact that so-called-educators can't see past the obvious means they are Leftists themselves, or simply blinded to the situation.

Keep these 'supporters' in mind when you send your 'innocent' children off to college.....And remember these pukes are also huge Obama supporters.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.**


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