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Monday, November 10, 2008

73% of Colorado Voters


- Vote for a Colorado state constitutional amendment (48) defining a 'person' at the moment of conception.

**I'm not an anti-abortion absolutist, but I have very strong beliefs about abortion when it is used as a method of birth control......What really gets me about abortion advocates is when they refuse to admit they are killing a human being. I'm still disgusted by those who admit they are willing to execute innocent humans in the womb, but at least they are honest about what they are doing.

Those who don't understand why abortion proponents are unwilling to admit the humanity of the fetus need to know it isn't because they are ignorant. They are doing so, because if a fetus is a human being they have rights, and if they have rights they can't be denied due process.......Incredibly, just about every other form of life in the United States of America has more rights than a human life in the womb.**


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