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Sunday, November 23, 2008

James O. Ruane (Race Baiting Lawyer)

"They are KKK in a box...We really have some racist machines here."

- Claiming the the Intoxilyzer 5000 (alcohol breath-analyzer test used by most of Connecticut's law enforcement agencies) discriminates against blacks.

**Mr. Ruane is using this claim to defend a client who is being charged with drunken driving, and maybe he could justify his defense if his client was slightly over the legal rate........Ruane's client blew out a 0.188; the state's legal limit is 0.08.

How can this moron claim a breathalyzer test not only misreads by a factor of over 200%, but is also designed with the intent of sticking it specifically to blacks? There are two answers:

1. He's a Liberal putz, which means he can make any crazy claim he wants and needs no substance to prove his quackery.
2. He knows there are likely another Liberal clowns, in-black-robes, who may give him a free pass for such a creative use of race as a means of getting criminals off the hook.**


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